Squeeze the day with Suja’s Pink Lemonade

What’s pink and a staple refreshment at any social gathering? If you guessed Pink Lemonade, you’d be correct! Our take on this classic drink is sure to be a crowd pleaser, just be sure to omit the Vodka for those under 21!

Pink Lemonade Cocktail Ingredients:

-2oz Vodka
-4oz Suja Lemon Love
-4oz Suja Elements: Strawberry Passionfruit
-Top off with mint and sliced strawberries
-garnish with lemon round


Add your desired amount of ice into your glass. Fill the glass with 2oz Vodka, 4oz Suja Lemon Love, and 4oz of Suja’s Elements: Strawberry Passionfruit. Add in some sliced strawberries and mix it all up. Lastly, garnish with a fresh lemon round.

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