Annie’s Simple Weekly Workout Routine

Exercise is SO important for your mind, mood and body. It can lift your mood, help you sleep better, decrease stress, improve focus and so much more. Sometimes it can be hard to know where to start, let alone create a workout schedule. This is a simple workout routine with enough options for everyone.

Simple Weekly Workout Routine

1 or 2x/week: Yoga, Stretching, Pilates

2x/week: Light Cardio: Walking, Riding a bike, Swimming

1 or 2x/week: Strength Training – Weight Lifting, Circuit Training, Body Weight Exercises

1x/week: Intense Cardio – Sprints, Spin class, Power Yoga, Running

And most importantly, remember to rest!
Very important for recovery and allowing the muscle fibers to rebuild and strengthen.


Annie Lawless

Suja Juice